We offer bespoke furniture, lighting and fixtures services for the most discerning of clients from private individuals too.

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Moroccan Craftsmanship and its rich craft culture fuses indigenous Berber traditions with Arab, Jewish, Andalusian, and other European influences. Islamic architecture and craft techniques are still so prevalent in Morocco.

Bridging the gap between these ancestral techniques, now so admired in the Western world, and the demanding levels of finish, functionality and styling is what Moroccan Bazaar strives in all that is produces and offers in its collections.

Ancestral techniques are utilized and modernized and result in crafted products having the most intricate detail which is a true reflection of percieved Luxury today. 

Contemporary designed pieces are crafted using our mastered techniques that result in our collections truly standing out from the mass-produced ranges of the Far East.

When looking at Moroccan Bazaar’s collections of furnishings, the craftsmen touch is so evident and one can only admire the hard work and level of dedication that goes into producing the pieces.  Certain items pass through the hands of over 20 different craftsmen each adding his level of expertise and work that is required to finish off products to such high standards.

In homage to our talented Maalam, each week we will feature one of our talented Master craftsmen and tell you the story of his skill set and you will see the hard work and painstaking dedication in producing the ranges we offer. 

We will soon be launching visual step by step guides and let you dive into the world of Moroccan Bazaar’s craft know how so the true extent of the process if fully appreciated.