We offer bespoke furniture, lighting and fixtures services for the most discerning of clients from private individuals too.

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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

At Moroccan Bazaar, we have full control & command of the entire manufacturing process, which enables us to produce examples of the finest handcrafted lighting and furniture possible.

Morocco has cultivated a rich mix of artisanal craft skills, passed down from Maalem to Craftsmen and from generation to generation. Over 70 years, the Bennani Family have built lasting relationships across Morocco where today we own, operate and partner with other workshops to offer our clients access to the finest possible Moroccan handcrafted furnishings all under one roof; that of Moroccan Bazaar. Our network across Morocco without doubt the most extensive and comprehensive, where at any given time, well over 1000 craftmen are working on producing our collections.  

Traditionally, Morocco is a difficult terrain and landscape to navigate, and as British/Moroccan family with routes between Morocco, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, our team are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap, and act as the gateway to Morocco’s rich authentic Moroccan interiors which the rest of the world demands.

 As an established British company with its routes firmly spread throughout Morocco, our unique position where we understand both landscapes ensures our product ranges are crafted to the best standards to meet the strict demands of our clientele and the demands in the industries we cater to.  

Our Master craftsmen are experts within their respective fields and together with them as partners, the breadth of our manufacturing capabilities allow us to work across an extensive range of materials to produce exquisite and unique ranges of pieces be it for a home, a Hotel or a Royal Palace.

Our Master craftsmen’s skills together with Moroccan Bazaar’s unfailing eye for design and what is in demand acts as the vehicle with which noble materials with the touch of our Maalams hands results in truly breath taking pieces of functional and beautiful furniture and spectacular light fittings.

Our Global reach means we have decades of experience transporting our creations to all corners of the planet ensuring they are shipped securely and arrive anywhere in the world in one piece.

We maintain extensive experience in the following fields:

-       Metalwork: Techniques of hand piercing, fine chisel work and hand sawing a range of fine metals including Brass, Nickel Silver, and Copper with proficiency in applying varying artisanal finishes. The metal is welded, hammered, beaten and polished all by hand. 

 -      Woodwork: Hand carvings such as Floral Tawrik or Geometric Tastir, Mourcharaby turned wood latticework, inlaid Mother of Pearl & Bones inlay are all techniques mastered at Moroccan Bazaar, applied using a wide range of woods including Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Beech and Cedar.

In the face of mass production pressures, genuine Moroccan hand crafted furnishings such as lighting and furniture made by skilled craftsmen are held in high regard across the world. The Internet connects us with customers who desire Moroccan and Orientalist styling in their homes across the world and we are more passionate than ever in continuing this heritage.

For professional clients, we bring this same level of expertise to the contract market and our manufacturing set up is adapted to meet the demand of ambitious hospitality projects globally. Our control over the manufacturing process and expert understanding of the techniques possible and the cost and time implications ensures we advise our clients from the outset to help guide designers into what may be most suitable for the different projects at hand. Our full control results in Moroccan Bazaar being able to offer all levels of quality finish and levels of intricacies for which ever project at hand.