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ZOHRA Calligraphy Pendant
ZOHRA Calligraphy Pendant ZOHRA Calligraphy Pendant At Night ZOHRA Calligraphy Pendant Lit Up

ZOHRA Calligraphy Pendant

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Our ZOHRA Calligraphy Pendant is a one of a kind pendant; a unique composition full of the best Moroccan maalem's skills and designs. The light is constructed entirely by hand. Made from solid sheets of brass metal, each is hand stenciled with bespoke calligraphy design and then individually cut with a fine jewellers saw to reveal the pattern. Add to the carved letters are accents and impression which give it another depth of character. The sheets are then seamlessly forged together to create the round shape to the eye looks as if it is naturally round. The light is spectacle in the day but once lit illuminates the inside of the pendant and the calligraphy within with a warm glow dressing surrounding walls with the same lettering. A wonderful, modern & contemporary design using the finest traditional techniques.

Please Note: This is sold as a light fixture only. This fixture requires a ceiling rose and light fitting (Sold separately).


Height 58cm x Diameter 40cm


The Zohra pendant is a Made-to-order item, a specially handcrafted piece from our expert Maalem craftsmen who give the light it's extraordinary and intricate design. Because of the intricacy and accuracy required to create the Zohra pendant, the production and delivery can take 6-8 weeks.

Rest assured that from start to finish, the process is entirely managed by us and under our full command. Once your order is placed, our customer service team will contact you and walk you through the process.

Product Info
Materials Brass
Colour Brass
Surface Finish Antique, Matte / Satin