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A workshop and export business in the medina of 1940s Fes. A popular stall in London’s Kensington Market. A thriving Soho wholesaler supplying Selfridges and Liberty.

And, since 2006, a network of workshops across Morocco – coupled with a high-end design studio and showroom in West London – commissioned to create the finest interiors for hotels, palaces, restaurants and homes all over the world.

This is the story of how our company – Moroccan Bazaar – has gathered together the finest craftsmen in Morocco. And how we have brought the fruits of their work to countless properties in Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and more.

It is also the story of our family. Of Haj Abdeslam Bennani who sowed the seeds of the company 70 years ago. Of Boubker who expanded his father’s business to London. Of Boubker’s wife Hanane (Haja) who has become a kind of mother figure to her carefully nurtured network of craftsmen. And of a third British-born generation – Simo, Mohamed and Adnan – who now run the company as they have lived their lives, fuelled by a passion for their Moroccan heritage but steeped in the business practices and design sensibilities of the wider world.

Seven decades on, Moroccan Bazaar draws on the talents of over a thousand gifted artisans. And we have a host of support staff concentrating on areas such as management, design, consultancy, logistics, quality control, materials, scale, compliance, accountability, installation and customer service.

And with this expansion of expertise and capability we have seen new characters enter the story. FF&E interior designers. Architects. Private clients. All attracted by the hand-crafted quality of our work, the reliability of our service, and our ability to create finely detailed lighting, furniture and architectural elements for both traditional and contemporary interiors.

We look forward to writing a new chapter with you.

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