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Moroccan Bazaar specialises in the design and manufacture of exquisite hand-crafted lighting and furniture.  

Over the course of more than 70 years, we have gathered together the most talented craftsmen in Morocco to produce pieces of the highest quality and authenticity.  

And we have built up a production base of such scale and reliability that we have been trusted to fulfil countless commissions for a wide range of FF&E interior designers, architects and private clients.  

As a result we are proud to have delivered lighting, furniture and interior design elements – both traditional and contemporary – for hotels, palaces, restaurants and homes in Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and more.  

Today we employ over a thousand gifted artisans in more than a dozen workshops across Morocco; we have a host of support staff concentrating on areas such as management, design, consultancy, logistics, quality control, materials, scale, compliance, accountability, installation and customer service; and we have established a high-end design studio and showroom in West London. 

The story of Moroccan Bazaar is also the story of our family. Of Haj Abdeslam Bennani who sowed the seeds of the company 70 years ago. Of Boubker who expanded his father’s business to London. Of Boubker’s wife Hanane (Haja) who has become a kind of mother figure to her carefully nurtured network of craftsmen. And of a third British-born generation – Simo, Mohamed and Adnan – who now run the company as they have lived their lives, fuelled by a passion for their Moroccan heritage but steeped in the business practices and design sensibilities of the wider world. 

We look forward to writing a new chapter with you. 



The beating heart of Moroccan Bazaar is the 10,000 sq ft lighting workshop that we own and operate in Marrakech. It is here that we employ over 100 master artisans – each one a celebrated specialist in his particular craft.

Faithful to the techniques and traditions of their trade, these maalem work exclusively by hand to guarantee that every item in our collection is authentic, characterful and crafted to sheer perfection.

Some specialise in intricate pattern design, others in carving – using the exacting techniques of precision jewellery making. Some work the sheets of metal into shape, others assemble them into breathtaking structures of all shapes and sizes. Yet more specialise in dressing the light pieces, applying the most beautiful finishes, or electrifying them to the highest modern standards.

We also have a dozen smaller workshops throughout Morocco, where master craftsmen specialising in other disciplines and materials work exclusively on our collections.

As a result we offer a manufacturing base that no other company in Morocco can match in terms of its breadth, scale, efficiency and quality.



Over the years we have developed an extensive collection of lighting and furniture products, which you can order off the shelf.

We also offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service to clients who wish to commission unique pieces. Our team of designers, consultants and production specialists can devise a design concept from scratch or develop one brought to us by a client – from sketch to technical drawings, 3D rendering to materials sampling, prototype to final production.

The result is a product designed and manufactured to your precise technical, aesthetic, scheduling and budgetary requirements.



We operate a high-end design studio and showroom in West London, where you can see selected items from our collection for yourself, meet members of our team, and learn more about the services we offer.

Nothing quite beats the experience of seeing the craftsmanship of our products up close, or that enchanting moment when you see one of our lamps illuminated and find yourself transported to a land of timeless wonder and possibility.

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