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With so many possibilities for each surface, drawer, door or handle, our cabinets offer a temptingly blank canvas for the decorative skills of our maillechort, mother-of-pearl, zouak and bone craftsmen.


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With a selection of a myriad richly elaborate arabesque and geometric motifs displayed in your choice of wood, brass, bone, mother of pearl and maillechort, our mirrors have the power to define a room.


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Elegant octagonal frames, sinuous mashrabiya latticework, ornate flourishes of maillechort and bone – our benches, sofas, armchairs and ottomans revel in the rich possibilities of the Arab aesthetic.


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No item of furniture recalls the elegance of a traditional riad more eloquently than a table – exquisitely carved in cedar, inlaid with bone, or topped with the warmth of a brass tray.


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