Bespoke Camel Bone Inlay Furniture from Moroccan Bazaar


Humans have carved animal bone since prehistoric times, but Morocco is one of the few places where the practice has not only survived – but has evolved to become a sophisticated art form.

Like their ancient Berber forefathers, the craftsmen in our specialist Marrakech atelier work with camel bone – colouring it and cutting it into pieces of the right tone and shape…

These are then meticulously arranged into traditional patterns on items such as tables, cabinets and mirror surrounds.

For ‘inlaid’ designs, the bone is inserted into the wood and then polished and sanded down so that it is flush with the surrounding surface of the piece.

For an ‘encrusted’ finish, the bone is glued to the wood and left to protrude slightly from the surface of the piece.

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