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Ceiling Lights

Possessed with the power to conjure up a bewitching chiaroscuro ceiling feature at the flick of a switch, our ceiling lights cloak modern LED technology in centuries-old magic and mystery.

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Wall Lights

Flush to the wall or suspended from a fixture, gently glowing or projecting its light up or down, a wall lamp can serve to focus attention on a specific aspect of your interior.

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Floor Lamps

Thanks to the magical lace-like quality of traditional hand-sawn brass, our floor lamps can cast captivating patterns of shadow and light while themselves projecting no more than a gentle glow.

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Table Lamps

Decorated with mesmerising surface detail, our lamps cast a spell of a different kind when unlit – evoking a sense of wonder at the almost unimaginable skill, effort and dedication of our craftsmen.

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