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Through our unparalleled network of ateliers – each with its own specialism in a particular material or decorative technique – we are proud to be able to offer you an extraordinary range of aesthetic possibilities.

Bone Encrusted Collection

When used to adorn a mirror surround, table or other piece of furniture, this traditional technique results in a multi-layered, three-dimensional, highly tactile form of decorative patterning.


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Mother of Pearl Collection

In the hands of our master craftsmen, the delicately shimmering beauty of mother of pearl lends itself to the production of sublimely inlaid mirrors, tables and chests of drawers.


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Nickel Silver Collection

Such is our mastery of nickel silver – or maillechort as we call it – that we can harness its cool sophistication to create a broad range of hand-crafted lights, mirrors and pieces of furniture.


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Brass Collection

Warmly toned, exquisitely malleable and blessed with rich textural possibilities, brass responds so eloquently to the ministrations of our craftsmen that it can be used to create all kinds of interior effects.


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Bone Inlaid Collection

Suffused with a singular sense of mystery and exoticism, the natural pigmentation and texture of camel bone lends itself to an array of traditional inlaid decorative pieces.


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Carved Wooden Collection

When worked by the virtuoso hands of our maalem, the finest kiln-dried cedar, mahogany, beech, oak and rosewood is used to create pieces of quite extraordinary character and presence.


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Hand Painted Wooden Collection

Magical, colourful, evocative, sensuous, the centuries-old craft of wood-painting – or zouaq – is an artform that we take great delight in applying to a range of interior elements.


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