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Moroccan Craftsmanship – What is The Craft of Zouak?

The art of Zouak is a traditional wood painting technique native to Morocco. Zouak craftsmen work with only a handful of materials, but draw on hundreds of years of history and heritage. Works of Zouak have a distinctly Moroccan style.

That’s because all this time, works of Zouak have been adorning the doors, ceilings, furniture and other wooden features of Moroccan interiors. From sacred spaces to the home, you can see works of Zouak on show in all kinds of Moroccan buildings.

Those who work with Zouak today play an important role in safeguarding the craft. If you wish to create an authentic Moroccan interior, you may want to know more about their work.

What goes into a work of Zouak?

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As we mentioned, Zouak is a wood painting technique. The materials that go into producing Zouak crafts may seem simple enough: fine wood, talc, and a handful of bold colours. But though the materials seem simple, the art of Zouak transforms them into a stunning and intricate finished product.

The art of Zouak has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Not only does this mean a perfection of the craft, but also a long history of stunning designs. Zouak artists can draw on all kinds of traditional motifs, including interlaced patterns and plant-like features. The best practitioners of this art bring plenty of personal interpretation into their hand-drawn designs. They create unique, authentic designs that also respect the history of the craft.

When it comes to creating a work of Zouak, the craftsman will begin by cutting and shaping the wood, before carving their intricate design into its surface. After this, the painting begins. More often than not, this will draw on a distinctly Moroccan colour pallet. This could mean those unmistakable cobalt blues, or warmer gold and burnt tones.

Make a Moroccan Interior with Zouak

At Moroccan Bazaar, we have a deep passion for authentic Moroccan craft. We work with thousands of craftsmen all over Morocco, each in touch with a unique local tradition. Drawing on this network, we help our clients create stunning indoor spaces that draw on authentic Moroccan styles.

At the same time, we combine this heritage with the latest in modern design techniques. From a mood board, to a 3D render, we draw on all kinds of approaches to help clients create or refine their own interior design.

Traditional works of craftsmanship like Zouak can lead to extraordinary results. So, contact us today to learn more about how we can plan, manufacture and deliver stunning Moroccan interiors.

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