EIRQI Ceiling Pendant

REF: ML938-2

A traditionally-structured octagonal ceiling light in antique brass.

Height: 55cm

Width: 30cm

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In The Detail

A multi-layered combination of handsomely contoured convex and concave brass panelling, this version of our Eirqi ceiling light features an upper dome of hand-engraved but unperforated brass. This serves to direct its light downwards through the lower panels throwing into sharp relief the labyrinthine beauty of their hand-sawn geometric, floral and medallion motifs.

Another version of our Eirqi ceiling light is available in which the upper dome is also decorated with the same hand-carved motifs, so casting its illumination onto the ceiling as well as the surrounding walls.

Please note: This is sold as a light fixture only. Ceiling hook/rose, light fitting/flex sold separately.

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